Saturday, January 10, 2009


The Asus Eee PC 901

I've bought an Asus EEE Linux netbook. So far, I'm very displeased with it. What I wanted was a stripped down extremely fast laptop with a real keyboard that would do wireless internet, ftp'ing, text editing, powerpoint, and spreadsheets. QUick startup was a key desire.

Some items:

  1. I've attached an external hard drive, but it doesn't show up on the file manager software. A flashdrive does, though. (?)
  2. There is no clear indication of how to install Windwos XP as well (there are instructions, but they are bad).
  3. The operating system sticks in 2 Asus applications that you can't get rid of in the most prominent position.
  4. There is no simple text editor, just Star Office. (WRONG-- there is one, which comes up automaticaly for *.txt and *.tex files. But how do I find it otherwise?)
  5. There is no indication of how to use the Unix features. (There is a unix terminal, but hidden in the menu of the File Manager application.)
  6. THere is no FTP program.
  7. THe online support site has no manual or topics help list. Its FAQ is a joke-- all about obscure issues instead of what people must be asking.
  8. The documentation has poor spelling, obviously done by someone unqualified in English.
  9. I hate using the TouchScreen, though that is just a personal dislike.
  10. There isn't a hardware button for turning off the sound. (Wrong: I found a function-key one, at least.)
  11. Using the internet requires both connecting to the wireless and then starting Firefox separately. (This seems to have fixed itself.)
  12. Startup is disappointingly slow.
  13. There is a general feel that they designed this as a machine for children or the feeble-minded--lots of icons, etc.
  14. It looks like from the online user's agreement for the help boards that they reserve the right to use your email, etc. for anything they like, including selling it to advertisers. Maybe not, but it looks like it and I don't trust them.
  15. The online help page wants you to start by going through 3 menus to list your product type, model, and variant, none of which do you know without looking up.



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