Monday, May 4, 2009


The Time To Get Swine Flu

I had a couple of thoughts on swine flu this morning.

1. This is the time to get it. I'm healthy, and the hospitals have plenty of room and the appropriate medications are in good supply. So if I could infect myself, I should do it. The only caveat is that maybe a vaccine will be available soon enough that I would never have to contract this strain of flu.

2. The pork producer I heard on the radio this morning did harm to his cause. He said that no Indiana hog had yet been found sick with swine flu. Even if that's true, it would make people avoid eating pork. If all that's between me and sickness is that the flu hasn't reached Indiana yet, we should all stop eating pork. But that fact is irrelevant. You can't get swine flu by eating pork from a sick pig, can you? I doubt it very much. What the pork producers should be saying is something like this:

"Not a single person in the world has contracted swine flu by eating pork. The way you get swine flu is by having people or pigs sneeze on you. So the main thing to keep in mind is: Don't kiss pigs."


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