Monday, June 8, 2009


They Will Indeed ComeTo Take Away Your Children

We are in a police state already, I think. It is a felony to go out for drink at 3 am and leave your child sleeping safely in a motel down the street. Also, they will take away your child if you do that. If you look in the newspaper's comments section, many people approve.

At the same time, recall that it is ok in Bloomington to let your defective baby starve to death, as happened some years ago, commonplace to abort him if he has Down's Syndrome, and pretty much compulsory to expose him to homosexual and other leftwing propaganda at the public school.

From the HT:

A Bloomington man was arrested this morning after police said he left behind his sleeping 6-year-old son in a west side hotel while going out for drinks.

Ryan Kirkman, 29, whose address was listed as the Scottish Inn at 126 South Franklin Road, was preliminarily charged with public intoxication and neglect of a dependent, a class D felony.

Police said Kirkman walked out of the Roosters bar around 3 a.m. at 3000 South Walnut St. where a Bloomington police officer observed him "grab a female around the shoulders and appear to push her to the ground.”

When officers intervened, the woman assured them she that she and Kirkman had just met inside the establishment and that she was with him, according to the police report. It was at that time police noticed that Kirkman might have been drinking, based on his poor motor skills and the odor of alcohol.

He was then arrested on charges of public intoxication, but while sitting in rear seat of the squad car, he said he had left his 6-year-old son in a rented room at the Scottish Inn, police said.

Two police officers were dispatched to the room number given to them by Kirkman, and the child, who was still sleeping, was taken to the police department.

Child Protective Services were contacted and after an investigation, the young boy’s grandmother, who lives in Bloomington, came for the boy when she was alerted. Police did not say where the boy’s mother was.


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