Monday, February 2, 2009


The Bush and Obama Cabinets Compared

My wife was just warning me that I am biased and my dismay at all the crooks in Obama's cabinet might just reflect that I didn't remember previous administrations. So here is some info for comparison from Wikipedia and the White House:
The Bush Cabinet
Office Name Term
Secretary of State HILLARY CLINTON*Colin Powell 2001–2005
Condoleezza Rice 2005–2009
Secretary of Treasury TIMOTHY GEITHNER*Paul O'Neill 2001–2002
John Snow 2003–2006
Henry Paulson 2006–2009
Secretary of Defense ROBERT GATES (Republican) Donald Rumsfeld 2001–2006
Robert Gates 2006–2009
Attorney General ERIC HOLDER* John Ashcroft 2001–2005
Alberto Gonzales 2005–2007
Michael Mukasey 2007–2009
Secretary of the Interior KENNETH SALAZAR Gale Norton 2001–2006
Dirk Kempthorne 2006–2009
Secretary of Agriculture THOMAS VILSACK Ann Veneman 2001–2005
Mike Johanns 2005–2007
Ed Schafer 2008–2009
Secretary of Commerce NONE YET Donald Evans 2001–2005
Carlos Gutierrez 2005–2009
Secretary of Labor HILDA SOLIS Linda Chavez* (withdrawn nominee) Elaine Chao 2001–2009
Secretary of Health and Human Services THOMAS DASCHLE*Tommy Thompson 2001–2005
Michael Leavitt 2005–2009
Secretary of Education ARNE DUNCANRod Paige 2001–2005
Margaret Spellings 2005–2009
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development SHAUN DONOVAN Mel Martinez 2001–2003
Alphonso Jackson 2003–2008
Steve Preston 2008–2009
Secretary of Transportation RAYMOND LAHOOD (Republican)Norman Mineta (Democrat) 2001–2006
Mary Peters 2006–2009
Secretary of Energy STEVEN CHUSpencer Abraham 2001–2005
Samuel Bodman 2005–2009
Secretary of Veterans Affairs ERIC SHINSEKI Anthony Principi 2001–2005
Jim Nicholson 2005–2007
James Peake 2007–2009
Secretary of Homeland Security JANET NAPOLITANO Tom Ridge (Democrat) 2003–2005
Bernard Kertik* (nomination withdrawn) Michael Chertoff 2005–2009

OBAMA (Over 4 months):
  • Hillary Clinton: Cattle futures profits apparent gift. What other Clinton scandals were hers?
  • Timothy Geithner: tax evasion (about $30,000)
  • Eric Holder: Clinton pardons of 10-most-wanted fugitive Marc Rich and of the unrepentant Puerto Rican terrorists.
  • Thomas Daschle: tax evasion (about $100,000)
  • Bill Richardson: grand jury investigation of bribery Thus, the nominees for State, Treasury, Attorney-General, Health and Human Services, and Commerce are shady people.

    But there is no scandal associated with the names of the new Secretaries of Defense and Transportation (the two Republicans), or of the Interior, Agriculture, Labor, HUD, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, or Homeland Security.

    Is dishonesty a requirement for all the important jobs except Defense?

    BUSH (Over 8 years):

  • Bernard Kertik hired an illegal alien as a housekeeper.
  • Linda Chavez: gave money to an illegal immigrant from Guatemala who lived in her home. She claimed that the alien was not an employee and she had merely provided her with emergency help after domestic abuse.

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