Thursday, July 2, 2009


Letters to the Editor, Blog Comments

Steven Sailer on the Ricci case:

Traditionally, the New York Times has the world's worst Letters-to-the-Editor page, filled with credentialed but clueless poohbahs writing in to say how much they agree with the NYT's soporific editorials, but they were disappointed that the editorial didn't include some additional argument so dumb that not even the NYT Editorial board would fall for it. and a comment:
JoeShipman said...

Actually the NYT Letters-to-the-Editor page is even worse than you say. They have a policy of printing the silliest and least convincing letters advocating positions they oppose, and choosing the most cogent and impressive letters supporting their own positions. (This is a strong statement, but I am personally familiar with many excellent letters written by eminent people which were never printed while far inferior letters of the same length advocating the same position were printed.)


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