Saturday, July 4, 2009


Douglas Kmiec, Ruler of the World

From Prof. Smith at Right Coast:

Well known conservative and staunchly pro-life Obama supporter, former OLC head Professor Douglas Kmeic has been nominated to be the United States Ambassador to Malta. I speculate that he will be confirmed by the Senate in due course, the ambassadorship to Malta having rarely provoked controversy in the past.

There are those so cynical as to suggest that the nomination to this position of trust is a reward, some sort of quid pro quo, as we Catholics say, for supporting our young President in his efforts to get the Catholic vote... That is more of a leap, however, than we at this blog are willing to make. Before making such conceivably unwarranted inferences, we should consider that perhaps, just perhaps, the good Professor is in fact the most qualified person for this job. Consider: what are the qualifications for the job of Ambassador to Malta? No, I don't know either. But whatever they are, I am at least fair minded enough to suppose that the Professor may possess them in abundance....

Some people think the Knights of Malta run the world as part of a secret conspiracy, along the lines of the Illuminati, but much more Catholic. Personally, I doubt this. But if this is true, the White House has just, perhaps inadvertently, put the good Professor in a position of almost unspeakable power. We can only pray he uses it wisely.



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